November 10, 2017 jenn4n

Announcing Our First Student Lead Initiative: NFN Ent. Group

I have had several teens emerge as leaders and creative curators in the studio.  Jacorey and Marquis consistently make the most of their time and always pump out killer tracks.  Today, we discussed starting an Entertainment Group where teens are the driving force behind the scenes.  They are hyped about the idea.  Jacorey wants to be the in house engineer and Marquis will be one of our artists.  We are going to partner with South Atlanta High and Carver High to hold auditions and fill the roles of; rappers, singers, producers, engineers, instrumentalists, creative director, booking agent, social media guru.  The group will work to release 5 mixtapes next year and market them .  All songs, marketing, branding, and production will be entirely youth lead.