November 23, 2017 Ray_Price_N4N

Empowerment From The Stage

This past Saturday was a special day for several of our N4N artists. They were invited to perform at multiple cultural events that paralleled music and original art crafted by local artists of various sorts. A few of the artists that took the stage have already began to develop their personas as performers and the rise of their confidence levels is clearly visible. However, a couple of our newer artists experienced a stage with a live audience for the first time on Saturday.

One of the wonderful things about our N4N studios is that they are equipped with stages modeled after performance areas found in venues that host live music. That allows our artists to properly prepare for shows outside of the studio which has been highly effective. An example of that would be how a hefty handful of our youth graced the stage with such poise and charisma on Saturday. Rika Shambae both headlining at the Culture Fest featuring acts from all around the World, and giving a moving performance at the Historic Victory Grill spread a contagious energy amongst the rest of the group.

We had 6 different acts perform sets consisting of all original songs that had the crowd puzzled in amazement. They played their hearts out. Danger Zone commanded the audience with his powerful delivery and energetic stage presence. KTS engaged them with their soulful lyrics and brotherly synergy. Gabreauna Nash made them dance because she is simply a natural performer and her vibe is infectious. Royal Ree stunned us all, as it was her first time on stage and although beforehand her nervousness was noticeable, the minute the beat dropped on her first song, she became a totally different person. For lack of better words, she killed it!

It warmed my heart to see them really put it all out on the stage. They work hard to develop their talents and to see them accomplish their goals is an indescribable feeling. Let’s just say, I’m extremely proud of them and I’m certain so is everybody else! Here are a few pics from the events. And oh yea, we shot a music video for the new single and International Children’s Month theme song, “EMPOWER”. Check it out below!

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