December 5, 2017 Ray_Price_N4N

The Bush Boyz Are In The Building!

There’s nothing like watching young artists and musicians develop right in front of your eyes. What’s even crazier than that though, is watching young artists form their own groups or bands that actually commit to working with each other to create their own original content. I had the pleasure of seeing that happen with the newly formed trio “BUSH BOYZ” consisting of Finn, Gus, and Miles whom are all 4th graders.

I typically see them twice a week as they come in with a large group of youth for regular programming throughout the week. One day in particular, the boys came in and said “Hey Mr. Ray, we wrote a song that we’d like to show you”. I never take these opportunities lightly because we have certainly seen some amazing things grow that spawned from young minds, whether simple or complex.  Needless to say, I was excited to hear what they came up with.

They lined up side by side and began reciting the lyrics to their song that happened to be about a bush and a rock. I immediately heard a bluesy groove in their cadence so we wasted no time hopping in the control room to start laying down a beat that they could sing over. As the beat was being made, I’d look back to see them smiling from ear to ear and that was an awesome feeling in itself. Once the beat was done, they each took turns recording their parts in the vocal booth. Even though this was their first time ever stepping foot in a recording booth, their vibe was that of seasoned recording artists.

They coached and supported each other and even during the playback of the finished product, they all sat on the couch with their arms and legs crossed like little rockstars. I commented numerous times about how we might be looking at the next Rolling Stones. Everyone was impressed with their studio etiquette and mannerisms, including me. Definitely a highlight moment in the studio for us all!


Listen to their very first track “The Bush Song” below!