2017: A Flagship Year!

The best elevator pitch for Notes for Notes always ends up being some version of “We build, equip and staff after school recording studios for youth…” Ostensibly the most important piece of that sentence, and incidentally the thing that sets us apart form other after school music programs, is the BUILDING of our incredible spaces.

This year we were able to round out our fleet to 20 STUDIOS NATIONWIDE!!! This number has always existed as a bit of a milestone and it felt great to accomplish it this year!

The build team started off strong in Austin, breaking out our new mobile build kits, outfitted in newly sponsored RYOBI gear!


Austin became one of our first generation of Craftsman studios, paying special attention to detailing on custom stages, and custom diffuser panels!

austin stage

On the famous “Chitlin Circuit”, The Doris Miller Auditorium is a special space that now not only holds music history, but a space for future generations to create music as well.

austin track

Next up was a renovation in our Mar Vista studio where we were able to get creative in how to pack a big punch in this space!

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 5.02.56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 5.03.07 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 5.03.28 PM

Halfway thru the year, we hit our favorite month of June! This year our activation at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival was the belle of the ball!


Working with our partner Jeremy at Wind River Tiny Homes, we were able to activate a fully operational recording studio INSIDE a tiny home at Bonnaroo! There we invited artists to feature on youth produced tracks to create a special experience for everyone involved…


Jon Batiste tickles the pearly whites at Bonnaroo!


San Holo production master class!

NOTES FOR NOTES ROO 2017 (2 of 5)

Notes for Notes youth rehearse for the big gig!

Meanwhile back at home base in Nashville, the build team was feverishly working on getting our Flagship studio online and operational…while construction was underway, we found time to give our two existing Nashville studios a facelift, bringing them up to date with our latest tech, gear and aesthetic elements.

In November, we were proud to announce the opening of our Flagship East Nashville Studio, with help from our friend Lindsay Ell!

Lindsay Ell jams with 18-year-old guitarist Stephen Dashiff at the opening of a new Notes for Notes studio, supported by CMA Foundation, in the Cleveland Park neighboorhood of East Nashville on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017.

Lindsay Ell jams with 18-year-old guitarist Stephen Dashiff at the opening of a new Notes for Notes studio, supported by CMA Foundation, in the Cleveland Park neighboorhood of East Nashville.


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Lindsay gives us the honorary first strum!!!

Through a generous gear donation from the Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn NY, we were able to outfit our flagship studio with top of the line professional gear, our most robust workflow ever, including an API 1608 Console!


NASH-EAST-TEMP-v1-1-of-1 2

To round out the year at the magic number 20, the team found itself inside the James Jordan Boys and Girls Club in Chicago, Illinois. Steeped in Bulls tradition, and bustling with youth energy, this studio is a special milestone for the team!


2017 was a great year for the Notes for Notes build team! We were able to build some great studios in some exciting new cities and revamp existing studios in others. On the horizon we look forward to an exciting 4 new studios in New York city next year! Seattle, San Francisco and Denver are in the works as well! Here’s to an equally exciting 2018, Happy New Year!