New Austin Studio Build!!!

Written by Jarrad James
dorismiller_auditorium22We recently built out our 16th new studio inside the Doris Miller Auditorium in collaboration with the Austin Parks and Rec Department!



This was a particularly exciting build for me because we recently received a gear donation sponsorship from Ryobi power tools! Ryobi is awesome and helped us put together a very robust build kit that can now hit the ground with me for every new studio build!

After getting two flight cases full of power tools  under 50 pounds each, I was off to Austin for my first ever visit to TEXAS! As soon as I hit the ground, I hopped in the rental truck and participated in a Build Team time honored tradition: IKEA Swedish meatballs!

After getting furniture for the new Studio, it was time to actually set eyes on the physical space for the first time!

First step is to unbox and inventory all of the fun new gear.

While I waited for Phil and Ray to arrive on day two, I got right to work plotting out and hanging acoustic treatment panels, as well as guitar hooks.

Now with Phil and Ray on the ground in Austin, and the Build Team in full force, we put those Ryobi tools to proper use with one of our crazy “custom” projects: diffuser panels!

Speaking of custom, the builders absolutely SLAYED this stage made of 120 year old reclaimed local Austin barnwood:


“The sustain, listen to it.”

So after a few days of hustle, a LOT of breakfast tacos and proper Texas BBQ, things started to come together!

This project was super fun, and maybe, our easiest most impressive build yet! We always say that each new studio build becomes our “Flagship” studio, resetting the bar for what our spaces can be. I am so happy to take on my new role as Director of Studio Architecture and continue to push our team to design, build and equip the rockin-est free youth recording studio environments in the country!

We also say that a studio is not truly a Notes for Notes studio until there are youth there, making music, bringing it to life with their creativity, confidence, community, and relationships along with the help of an awesome Program Director. Until then, it is simply a room full of gear. Really, really nice gear.

The build team has another notch in its belt. Number 16. Simply add youth and watch the magic happen.

Can’t wait to see the heat that the youth of the Live Music Capital of the World bring…