The Big Payback: May 3, 2017

Notes for Notes™ is participating in Middle Tennessee’s day of giving, The Big Payback, for the 4th year on Wednesday, May 3rd!

Funds raised during this day will help support Nashville’s 3rd Studio, which will be located in East Nashville’s Cleveland Park neighborhood.

Our pup friend, Beast, is hopping around East Nashville to help spread the word and get your support! Give any amount over $10, anytime between 12am and 11:59pm (Central Standard Time), from any city in any state, and you’ll help us top the leaderboard!!

Beast in EastAbout The Big Payback

The Big Payback is a community-wide, 24-hour online giving challenge hosted by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. This charitable event will help area nonprofits raise much-needed dollars and bring awareness to pressing needs in our community.

In the past three years, The Big Payback has helped raise more than $6.5 million dollars for nearly 800 local nonprofits – including schools and religious institutions.

On Wednesday, May 3rd, let’s show everyone just how generous Middle Tennessee residents are when we support each other.

This year, donors will have the ability to pre-schedule gifts for The Big Payback. If you will not be able to make a donation on May 3, 2017 but still want to support Notes for Notes, you can go to and set up your gift starting on Wednesday, April 26. Your gift will be processed when the giving day officially opens at midnight on May 3, 2017. Please note, pre-scheduled donations will not be eligible for incentives, bonuses and additional prizes.

N4N Arrives in The Big Easy

It’s amazing it has taken us this long to arrive in a city so synonymous with music.  For those that have been you know that the city doesn’t know how to be quiet but it’s not just constant noise, it’s constant music! Any street corner at any time can be the scene of a rousing jazz jam from consummate professionals or young musicians cutting their teeth in the historic capital of jazz. Side note: if you’ve never been make a point of hanging around Frenchmen street for the hotspot of the aforementioned scene.

I remember a conversation Rod and I had back in 2012 about which city would be our next. The duel was between Detroit and NOLA, both worthy and musically iconic in their own right. Thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation at the time we were lucky to pursue developing Detroit first, however, our focus has never wavered to make it to this great city. On September 6th, 2016 we opened the doors to the NOLA Notes for Notes® Studio at the NFL-YET Clubhouse in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana.  We were honored to welcome our generous partners from the CMA Foundation as well as country star Eric Paslay to help upon the studio. For those that have been to an N4N grand opening you know we do things a little differently; no ribbon cutting here, we strum the first guitar!  This was the first opening in which we had a DOUBLE strum to open the studio with Eric Paslay and Matt Owens of Clark Construction.


Matt Owens and Clark Construction are the saviors of Notes for Notes® NOLA, without them the studio would still be a distant dream of ours.  We were extremely lucky in 2015 to be introduced to Clark Construction and receive their support as they built out the Ventura Studio. Clark Construction’s corporate culture is unsurpassed by any contractor we have ever seen. They’re commitment to the communities where they live and work is absolutely amazing and we are so lucky that they stepped in to help make this studio a reality. We were lucky to meet Matt thanks to an intro from our (guitar playing) friend at Clark Construction, Mike Moore.  Led by Matt and a very dedicated team including Chris Fava, Wes Nash, Andrew Bichof, Jacob Auer, Brandon Brown, Chad Smith and many more very generous contractors, the studio was transformed over 3 weeks in a hot Louisiana August into the studio you see below.


We are incredibly grateful to the Clark Construction, Matt Owens and the incredible team that made this studio a reality. We call this our first “Craftsman” studio because of the attention to detail that was paid to our original design. The stage and accents around the studio were custom made by wood burning, texturizing with a chain, and staining wood to give the studio a truly special touch. While our job is to open and run these studios, for Matt and his team this was purely a charitable gift to the NOLA community.  They were often in the studio until 10 at night if not later, let alone coming in on the weekends! The music that is coming out of and will continue to be for years and years is in huge part thanks to these guys!

This studio marked our 14th location and 6th studio supported by the CMA Foundation. We are so appreciative that Tiffany, Joe, and Victoria with the CMA Foundation made the trip to celebrate the opening as well as Eric Paslay and Wrabel. We were lucky to meet Eric this past CMA Fest where he visited our pop-up studio at FanX but glad he was able to see a full studio and hang with some aspiring musicians at the same time! While we strummed the first guitars (actually Eric and Matt did), gave out Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Records, and welcomed our very first members through the studio doors that day we feel like we will never be able to thank those who have made it possible. We only hope that as more youth enter everyday and are able to explore, create, and record music that that will be the ultimate thank you!


The NOLA Studio features many firsts; the LED lit track room, Craftsman stage, and the Presonus Mix Room. As a supporter of Notes for Notes since 2014 (and a Louisiana based company in Baton Rouge) Presonus provided their state-of-the-art equipment (16.0.2, Eres 8s, Air 10s, and AR12 Mixer) to this hometown location. To honor their support we’ve unveiled the very first Presonus Mix Room! We are very grateful for the technological sonic advances of Presonus as well as their gift to the next generation of musicians.  The NOLA Studio like all our other locations are generously equipped thanks to Casio, DW Drums, Zildjian, Audtio Technica, Native Instruments, Gibson Foundation, Dell, GIK Acoustics, and Novation.  We are also grateful for the support of Kim Bentson, Bentson Kauth Foundation, and Chevron.


eg4_0774-1At Notes for Notes® we are all about people. We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Louisiana and all of their team (Carlos, Sid, & Thomas).  Our studio would just be a room full of gear was it not for our team comprised of NOLA Relations, Shannon O’Toole and Program Director, Justen Williams.  Justen is in the studio everyday inspiring and challenging the next generation of musicians. You may recognize Justen from his very popular Youtube tutorials; needless to say we are extremely lucky to have such a qualified team member at the studio’s helm.  Outside the Studio, Shannon is building the connections that will make our NOLA presence known. She knows how to get it done and has been doing an incredible job making friends throughout the musical community. We are lucky to have such a dedicated team, partners, and supporters who all have worked so hard to make this studio available to NOLA youth… for FREE. We invite you to come check out the studio, get involved, and experience the talent that is already emerging!

Some photos courtesy of Erika Goldring


Soundcheck 2015 with Martin Gore

89.9 KCRW Presents

Notes for Notes & Sonos… Sound Check

Feat. Martin Gore  DJ Set [Depeche Mode]

W/ special guest Sebu Simonian DJ Set [Capital Cities]

Thursday, July 30
Sonos Studio LA
145 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles , CA
7pm / 21+

Hosted beer & wine // silent auction // fun

General Admission and VIP Tickets on sale now at

100 % of proceeds benefit Notes For Notes. Providing free after school recording studios for youth.

5th Annual Notes for Notes® Benefit!

Please join us on June 7, 2015 at the 5th Annual Seymour Duncan Benefit Concert to support Notes for Notes®!

Tickets on sale NOW at

100% of proceeds benefit Notes for Notes!

5th Annual Notes For Notes® Benefit poster

Check out a recap from a previous show!



Thanks to PreSonus, young producers are cutting tracks everyday in our studios with state of the art gear like the Studiolive 16.0.2s and Sceptres on the cutting edge Studio One software. At Notes for Notes® we give youth FREE access to music instruments, instruction, and recording studio environments so that music may become a profoundly positive influence in their lives. Now, with your help, we can give young producers the opportunity to continue working on sessions in their own home studio with a Music Creation Suite.

Our goal:

Give (6) Notes for Notes® youth, one from each of our studios, a Music Creation Suite to continue honing their craft after hours at home.

With your support:

Your $200 donation (matched by PreSonus) will make it possible for us to help kick start a young person’s 2015 and future career.

To make a tax deductible contribution and “Give A Studio”…

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

If you would also like to become a regular supporter you can  join our Note$ 4 Notes Producer program for $4 a month.


4th Annual Notes for Notes® Benefit

Please join us on October 24th, 2014 at the 4th Annual Seymour Duncan Benefit Concert to support Notes for Notes®! Tickets on sale at 100% of proceeds benefit Notes for Notes!


Check out a recap from last years show!


What a night!

A huge thank you to Seymour Duncan, Jimmy Vivino & The Basic Cable Band, SLASH, Robert Randolph, Alan Parsons, and Don Felder. To say this was an EPIC night, doesn’t really do it justice but no word really would. This was a one-of-a-kind experience for those that were in the audience. The collection of all these incredibly talented musicians on stage making music to support music was truly inspiring! To top it off, we inducted our first Hall of Fame member- Chimaway Lopez! Thanks to Fender he received a brand new Telecaster (his dream guitar) and he sat in for a few songs and shredded alongside SLASH, Jimmy & BCB, and Robert… Can you say life changing!

Proceeds totaling 57,000 from that night benefit Notes for Notes and our sustainability locally and expansion nationally! Thank you to all the artists, sponsors, silent auction sponsors, and advertisers!

Photos courtesy of Robert Redfield and Steve Kennedy.
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Aliyah Wins The Band Perry Songwriting Contest

Santa Barbara’s own Aliyah Rameriz (11) wins Notes for Notes’ The Band Perry Songwriting contest!

In a songwriting contest between Notes for Notes’ 5 MusicBox Studios nationwide Aliyah Rameriz writes and records the winning entry “Stand Strong” at the MusicBox Studio East in Santa Barbara, CA. The mission of the contest was to write a song around The Band Perry’s theme of being a Pioneer in your own life! As the winner, she and her mother Sagi were flown (all expenses paid) to Lubbock, TX to meet The Band Perry at an intimate ‘Pioneers’ event as well as enjoy their concert that night with Rascal Flatts. An incredible experience and could not have been won by a more deserving talented young songwriter. Check out the winning track, lyrics, live announcement, and recap of her experience!  Notes for Notes sincerely thanks The Band Perry for all their support and generosity with this experience!

Song Title: Stand Strong
Song Writers: Kris Ehrman and Aliyah Rameriz
Vocals – Aliayh Rameriz
Guitar Solo – Josh Ford
Guitar, Bass, Synth – Kris Ehrman
Final Mix: Mark Williams
Producer: Kris Ehrman

Some people walk around they don’t care

Some people greedy, greedy don’t share

But what’s the point in livin if nobody really cares?

And what’s the point in lovin if nobodys willing to share?


Stand Strong, have hope

Don’t loose your faith, stand strong.

Move on, and make the world a better place, come on.


Stand Strong, have hope

Don’t loose your faith, stand strong.

Move on, and make the world a better place, come on.

Stand Strong


Since when did people stop having fun?

I think I’ll show the world how it’s done.

So I walk into to future like a sci-fi movie line

And you’ll be wishing you’ve been livin life like this the whole time


Stand Strong, have hope

Don’t loose your faith, stand strong.

Move on, and make the world a better place, come on.


Stand Strong, have hope

Don’t loose your faith, stand strong.

Move on, and make the world a better place, come on.

Stand Strong


Guitar Solo: Josh Ford


Stand Strong, have hope

Don’t loose your faith, stand strong.

Move on, and make the world a better place, come on.


Stand Strong, have hope

Don’t loose your faith, stand strong.

Move on, and make the world a better place, come on.

Stand Strong

Guitar Solo: Josh Ford

Producer Notes: Kris Ehrman

Aliyah was really excited to be a part of this contest and luckily she liked the only song that I had prepared for her.  We weren’t sure of what to write about, we didn’t have a single idea.  We just knew that the music we were working with called for some serious sass.

So we began talking about what a Pioneer is and what it really means for an eleven year old to be a Pioneer.  Aliyah doesn’t have the resources to land on the moon or discover new land.  But she does have the ability to stay focused in school, to be aware and thoughtful of others and to set and accomplish goals.  I just began writing the verses as if I were Aliyah, who stands out amongst her peers, who always sets a good example and is determined to succeed.

Josh Ford layed down some awesome guitar work.. I love that in the middle of this pensive pop rock track you all of the sudden get an Alice in Chains-like guitar solo.  Only in 2013 and after could someone get away with this.