Rehearsing for the Show

Quick update from MusicBox West! Half of the Notes for Notes Band (Parker, Cas and Chimi) rehearsing ‘Crossroads’ for the big show in less than 2 weeks opening for the Steve Miller Band. Parker ripping it up on guitar while brothers Cas and Chimi drive the rhythm!

MusicBox West Opens!

The MusicBox West is the new studio to the Notes for Notes family. Located at the Santa Barbara West Boys and Girls Club, this studio is entering its 4 month of operation. Check out this video of the grand opening, courtesy of Marco at NewsPress TV.

This blog post is not nearly enough space to describe how much the new MusicBox has flourished. Notes for Notes and this MusicBox benefit from two awesome new additions to the team, Taylor Hurtado (Program Director) and Dakota Gartner (Booking and Promotion) You can read about both Taylor and Dakota on the “Our Team” page, but I gotta give them extra credit for just plain being amazing dudes. Finding the “right” person and persons for the job will probably always be the hardest aspect of the organization, however we really lucked out with these guys. In just 4 months Taylor has opened the studio and kept it growing everyday with new participants and collaborations. Taylor, one of the best drummers I have ever seen, has taken Raul (only 8 years old) and turned him into a rocking little drummer, jamming on White Stripes and Black Keys songs. Look for some video coming soon!

Dakota and Taylor have both been working with Dani Loza, famous as the Ukulele-ist who jammed with Jack Johnson at the MusicBox east back in Oct (check out that video here) to help her put together a benefit concert. Dani was profoundly moved by the tragedies in Japan and has begun putting together a benefit concert in Santa Barbara featuring local bands and musicians from the MusicBoxes all to raise funds and awareness for Japan Relief. Check out the show on June 29, 2011 at SoHo in Santa Barbara and support a great cause and a budding young philanthropist.

Again, so much cool stuff going on it is impossible to get everything into one blog, but WE PROMISE there will be more videos, pictures and tracks in future post that truly give you a birds-eye view of the coolness in the MusicBoxes. I also want to give a big thank you to the CEO of the United Boys and Girls Club Mike Rattray and club director, Magda Arroyo. So happy to be working with them on this location and future ones.

From here on out, Taylor and Dakota will be giving you the low down!





Music from the Studios

One of the coolest forms of proof of Notes for Notes’ mission and success is the music coming out of the studios. Amazingly introspective, passionate and inspiring tracks get recorded everyday. We will be posting new tracks to the site via our SoundCloud player as soon as we get them. Listen to them and feel free to comment as well because the artists need feedback and perhaps you might want to purchase a track or license one or offer a performance opportunity.

Listen and enjoy on the Music page of this site!