June 30, 2017 N4N

N4N Team Member Spotlight: Ryan Venable

Born in Detroit, and raised in Nashville, Ryan Venable performs and produces his own original music. After studying Communications, Photography, and Video and Audio Production at High Point University, he moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music and film. Ryan has been performing and also taking on freelance videography projects since he has moved to the west coast. Ryan’s true passion lies in his music, making his own beats and writing songs for acoustic guitar or piano. He is proud to be able to positively influence the youth as a part of the Notes for Notes team.

1. You’re from Detroit, and raised in Nashville…which city influenced you the most? How so?

I would have to say Nashville has influenced me the most, at least musically. I picked up the guitar shortly after moving to Nashville and country music was definitely a big inspiration to me lyrically.

2. Life then brought you out to LA as you pursued a career in film and music…what did you envision when you made the choice to move here? How did that play out?

I’ve always wanted to come to LA for as long as I could remember to pursue music and film. After studying both in college, I realized I was actually able to move out there on my own and basically make my own path. It wasn’t easy at first of course. I’ve definitely gotten lost a few times on the journey, but considering where I am now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

3. Are you currently working on any film projects? What are they about? Or what was your most recent project?

I’m currently waiting on getting the shooting schedule for a short cooking show series with a professional chef and caterer. One of my latest big projects was a short interview series with the Inner City Law Center of downtown LA.

4. When did you decide that music would be a career for you?

I’ve sort of always known music would be my career. As a kid, I would hear nothing but how tough it is to be a successful musician so I would constantly think of how I can make a career out of it. Through my experience the only real answer is practice and persistence.

5. Outside of music, what motivates you?

People motivate me! It always amazes me what people are capable of. I love seeing people pursue their dream no matter what it is or where they may be at in life.

6. Do you have a link to share where we can hear your music?

My latest 3 albums.

7. Share a lyric that inspires you.

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”

~ Stevie Wonder

8. What are you most excited about working with the Notes for Notes team?

I’m so excited to produce a brand new song with some of the talented youth. Every single music session has so much potential to create something amazing.

9. How can the team support you?

Honestly everyone’s attitude and openness is all I could ask for! I also play live shows occasionally, and the team has already come out to support so thanks!

10. Lastly, what’s your spirit animal?

Haha oooo that’s a hard one… I’d have to say a leopard.

Get in touch with Ryan to set up a tour or learn how you can get involved!