October 29, 2011 N4N

Studio Update: August-September 2011

The last couple of weeks in the studio have been awesome! We’ve had the Notes for Notes band practicing some killer songs like, “Pumped up kicks” by Foster the People, “Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Abracadabra” by Steve Miller Band, and ” Heartbreak Warfare” by John Mayer. The tunes are really starting to come together and they’re sounding great. The kids are having a lot of fun with the songs by adding a little bit of their own touch and taste to the parts making the songs have an overall organic feel. As for the recording projects in the last two weeks, can you say “RAD!!!” We’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with recording these past couple weeks, and you can also check out the progress of these tracks on this site.
About two weeks ago i started recording Kevin, a 19 year old kid who happens to play an instrument said to have been created in Persia over 2,000 years ago, called a “Hammered Dulcimer.” Kevin was introduced to this instrument at a renaissance fair in San Luis Obispo just a few years ago. Since then, the Dulcimer has become his passion. We started recording a few tracks that are period authentic to renaissance times, but after recording a particular piece called “Winter’s Wren” We came up with the idea to mix this medieval music with something more along the lines of today’s West coast hip hop, and in turn ended up stumbling upon something very intriguing(this track can also be found on this site). In other studio works, we’ve also been working on a cover of a song called “Where I stood” by Missy Higgins featuring our very own 17 year old Dalia Khan on lead vocals and 15 year old Courtney Weiners doing back ups. The track by itself is a very soothing peaceful piece of music but, with the voices of these two young ladies added to the mix I think we can all agree that these are two talented young artists to keep an eye on. In short we’ve also got a few tracks coming your way from our very own Jamey Geston who has written quite a few originals of her own, now hungry to get them all recorded. Be on the lookout for more studio updates complete with video and audio segments from the latest works in the MusicBox!!!!!!

Dulcimer Hip Hop… just a sample by notesfornotes