October 29, 2011 N4N

Studio Update East: September 2011

Musicbox East

Studio Update Sept. 19-30

Performance Room:

In the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a few new faces that are consistently coming around for the 3-5pm time block.  Together they get thru the frustration of “ but my fingers won’t do that” stage of learning guitar and move on to the fun part.  Catchy riff rock songs like “Smoke on the Water” and “Iron Man” are perfect for this stage of learning guitar.  From these melodies, we can build chords and work on our dynamics.


Seasoned Notes for Notes musicians, Alvaro and Chimoy have had some time playing together lately too.  Sharing what they know and rocking out to AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Led Zeppelin classics.  It’s great seeing these guys each develop their musicianship in their own way.  I’ve attached a video clip of Chimoy showing us a rock ballad that he made up himself…. ( Such a big sound for only one guitar don’t ya think?)


Many of the younger kids that come around the Musicbox tend to be drawn toward the drums and piano because the gratification comes sooner than say playing a guitar or bass.  I will often use rhythms and melodies from the songs they are watching on Youtube as learning material.  The other day, as I was mimicking the vocal melody on piano of Ant Farm’s Dynomite, the kids started singing and dancing together.  I was happy to capture what had evolved into a “party-choir” of sweaty, singing and dancing kids.  I’ve attached a video clip for everyone to enjoy.


Studio Sessions:

Our volunteer, Jerry has made some progress in the electronic music department.  He has been meeting with Jorge (DJ RAINE) once a week to work on song development and a few engineering tricks to get the best sounds.

We’ve had a couple of sessions with a great acoustic guitar player; Luis from La Cuesta High School.  Unfortunately, I received an email from him saying that he broke his wrist so he will be out for a couple of weeks.  I look forward to hearing his recordings once he’s back in business.


Adding some “acoustic” noise to MusicBox East!