September 30, 2012 N4N

Studio Update- MusicBox West Sept 2012

MusicBox Studio Monthly Studio Report

 Month/ Year: September 2012    Studio Location: SB West
Program Director: Taylor Hurtado

In-Studio Highlights:

This month the studio has seen some pretty cool stuff. The Notes band, who meets on Wednesdays, has been working a lot more on writing original material. I’ve also come notice the band members becoming more than just a band, they have become close friends and now spend time with one another outside of practice and gigs. This is something I’ve been hoping to see more of and it is finally happening!!! Ever since they opened for Los Lobos and Joe Bonamassa at the Lobero I’ve noticed everyone in the band start to take things a little more seriously.

In other news we’ve had some of our daily visitors step it up and sing on some tracks by their favorite artists. Big thumbs up to Leslie Zepeda, Julie Velasquez and Marissa Eberhard!!!!


This month has been a little mellow but that’s not to say that there hasn’t been any cool jams, lessons or recordings going on. The Notes band learned how to play “Yellow ” by Coldplay and then actually performed it two days later at an outdoor event at the club. Coleton Chard started writing a new original song entitled “Sand Lover” and began recording scratch tracks the very same day!

Leslie Z., Marissa E. , Julie V. singing “Call me maybe”

Coleton Chard “Sand Lover”

Cross‐Country Collaborations:
Youth this past month have just started to show interest in cross-country collaborations. We are working on a few tracks here that when ready will be sent out to Nashville.

Outreach/ Outside Collaborations:
Jaan attended Bonnie Raitt, CSN, and La Cumbre Junior High open house. He set up a booth at the SB Bowl for Bonnie Raitt’s show, where she mentioned N4N in her live set, and conversed with concertgoers about N4N, informing them of our services, with very positive reactions.

He also went to La Cumbre Junior High and connected with youth and parents about N4N. La Cumbre will be a great school from which to pull youth and direct over to MusicBox West.

Other Cool Stuff worth Mentioning: 

Right now I’ve been working with Jesse the Teen Program Coordinator on a grant that is giving teens the chance to learn about business and event managing skills and if all goes well we could end up with $500-$4,000 to put towards purchasing sound and lighting equipment so that they can continue to run youth lead organized dances at the Boys & Girls Club!!!!