September 30, 2012 N4N

Studio Update- Nashville South Sept 2012

MusicBox Studio Monthly Report

Month/Year: September 2012
Studio Location: Nashville South Studio @ Andrew Jackson Boys & Girls Club
Program Director: Jen Hodges

In-­Studio Highlights:
Dominique and DeAndre researched beats/licensing procedures before selecting and downloading a beat. They found a producer on Youtube who wants credit and gave them permission to use his beat. They also engineered the whole session, and payed special attention to make sure vocals did not clip.
Dominique learned how to make his voice sound like he’s on the TV through a distortion plug-in. He also has mastered cutting and pasting clips to lengthen and syncopate verses.

Queen teamed up with Rockstar (a producer). He is going to furnish her with beats, and guide her career. We are still working with Queen, and wish her new partnership the best!Wayford is back with a new track. As usual, it is dope!

I am beginning to introduce songwriting to my younger students. We wrote a Halloween song, and are working on a new track for November.



Cross-Country Collaborations:

Outreach/ Outside Collaborations:

I am working with Guitar Center to bring in some new kids from their recording class. Found a rapper on craigslist, he is 17, and is ready to record:)

Other Cool Stuff Worth Mentioning:
Lil Bre from the Young Squad came to visit. He collaborated on a track with Queen, and performed live for the club. The girls loved him! He had a lot of positive energy, and Queen said it was her favorite day in the studio, because he was just as motivated as she is.