October 29, 2011 N4N

Studio Update: September 2011

This month at Notes for Notes has been very productive, I had the opportunity to work with a lot of really awesome kids and it made me extremely excited for the future. We started off the month by having a meeting with our Notes for Notes band to figure out this school year’s plan of attack. In doing this we taught the kids that being in a band isn’t always just jamming out, sometimes you need to sit down and figure out where everyone’s head is at. We came to the conclusion that the band needed a basic practice schedule and a plan of how we could incorporate different musicians/techniques to make the band stronger. After doing so the kids obviously got some good jam time in which shredder Parker, taught the group a sweet guitar warm up!!!
The next week I was able to sit down with Connor, a 17 year old guitar/vocalist of the local band, Jaded Cloud. Connor and I spoke about multiple things regarding his band and how to go about booking concerts the right way. I was able to express to him the importance of spacing out local shows and promotion. Along with this we spoke about different creative ways of marketing the band such as recording a tune at Notes for Notes to set up kind of a role model situation for the kids at the club.
One of my most awesome moments that I experienced this month occurred when hanging out with Rico, Luis and a couple of others during a beat making/songwriting session. During this time I was able to sit back and witness some young guys who are really excited about being able to have the luxury of Notes for Note’s high quality equipment. They had a really good beat together and I was able to give them some melodic hints to make synth/vocals melodies a little catchier. Along with this I was able to help them come up with a chorus and discuss different lyrical techniques and ways to make things your trying to say sound more intelligent. Overall it was awesome and at the end we had a good 4-5 younger kids in a group as an audience for the process.



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