September 1, 2011 N4N

Studio Update-Summer Recap

MusicBox West

Summer Recap:


Looking back we’ve had a pretty rockin’ summer!! The N4N’s Band has been really busy with practices and performances like, Fiesta, (soon to come) the 2nd AnnualSanta BarbaraYouth Battle of the Bands and Avocado Festival. In between practices and performances we’ve managed to have some other great Summer activities going on in the studio like, our week long rock n’ roll songwriting camp. This camp gives kids an introduction to understanding the basic structure of a song and how to go about writing and recording it. By the end of the week not only have they gotten a substantial amount of knowledge from the experience but, they get a disc with their song on it as well. You can listen to the track “Waiting for that day” (feat. our very own Dalia Khan on vocals) on this site. More fun jams and recording sessions coming up, looking forward to wrapping up a session with a N4N band member named Ian. The track is a complete remake of a song called, “My mistakes we’re made for you” by a band called ” The Last Shadow.” It sounds great so far and we’re not stopping once its done. I believe Ian’s got a few more tunes up his sleeve.

Head on over to the Music player on the Media Page and listen to some of the tracks from the summer.