November 17, 2017 Pat_N4N

30 Rock Performance

Hi friends,

Last night Mekhi and I, Patrick, shared a really exciting NYC moment together. We were cordially invited by the Madison Boys and Girls Club to do a presentation for their annual Board Meeting. The setting; 30 Rockefeller Plaza, famously known as 30 Rock.

We made our way to Manhattan via the subway and took the opportunity to take some classic NYC photos.



Once we arrived at the location we started to buzz with excitement. The gold lined interior of the building, the lights reflecting off 30 Rock and the history of such a place was giving us energy to perform to the Board of Directors of the Madison Boys and Girls clubs in New York.

We were taken to the 42nd floor and treated like true professionals. We were then introduced to the board and *click* showtime!

We both spoke about Notes for Notes and how much we see it affect positive impact on the members and the community. We then performed our version of “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley and got a great response from the board members.





After our performance we were invited to dinner by Mr Antonio Fort from the Madison BGC.

A big THANK YOU to the team at Madison Boys and Girls Club for the fantastic opportunity, all their hard work and the great dinner.