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Frozen – The Musical!

Hi Friends,

Last Friday the Murphy Boys and Girls Club Arts Department and Notes For Notes put on a live theatre performance of

“Frozen – The Musical!”

Our N4N members, of all age groups, were a part of the performance. All scenes were acted live and each song was pre-recorded in our studio a few weeks leading into the performance.
Arts Director, Ms Rhonda went all out with amazing costumes, backdrops, props, choreography and direction. Notes for Notes took care of the live audio, cues, lighting and all the recordings.

The show was a huge hit – one of our all time best! All the members really stepped up in terms of dedication, performance, acting, singing and dancing.

We are all super proud of our future stars!

A big thank you to all the staff and members involved and to everyone that came out to watch the performance!

Below are some photos shot by Ms Combeau (Photography Department):







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Friday DJ Sessions

Happy Friday everybody!

We have had a super productive week – this week we focused a lot on songwriting and vocal training.

That being said, it is now Friday and time to let loose a little to bring in the weekend.

We work hard and we play hard here at the Brooklyn Studio and since this video was made, we have now decided to make Friday evenings our DJ sessions – meaning we get to have a mini party with one of our N4N DJ’s on the wheels of steel.

Below, Sarafina plays some all-time party jams to lift our spirits in this freezing weather.



Meet: Shaniyah and Dianna

Hi Friends,

A couple of weeks back Shaniyah, a 13 year old Notes For Notes member asked for a recording session. Shaniyah was inspired by Stephen J. Taylor’s version of Cardi B’s, “Bodak Yellow”.


Shaniyah rewrote the lyrics to suit her lifestyle as a school kid. Shaniyah has been practicing rapping and drumming for the last 6 months. In that time it has become apparent that she is extremely rhythmic. She is also a very dedicated songwriter and loves to practice. Shaniyah asked her friend Dianna to rap the middle section because it was her birthday – true friendship!

Below is Shaniyah’s first solo rap debut titled “Now I Go To School” featuring Dianna.

Produced by JE On The Beats

Recorded and Mixed by Pat Torres at Notes For Notes – Brooklyn

Meet: Y.R.B. (Young Rich Boys)

Hi team, hope you’ve all had some HAPPY HOLIDAY times recently.

Meet Y.R.B. – this new rap group started a few months back at our Brooklyn Studio and consists of Ila, Kevin and Boss. They have been working on their flows with the guidance of Murphy Clubhouse mentor/rapper Devante Harris (aka: Dave Arson)



Devante heard and saw the potential in this young group of MC’s when they first began and took the initiative to take this group under his wing and push them towards hip hop excellence. They rehearsed at the N4N Brooklyn Studio every Friday for a month under the guidance of Devante. When they were ready, Y.R.B. booked a session with Patrick (N4N).



This is their debut song –

“Feen$” – Y.R.B.


Beat Produced by RETNIK BEATS

Recorded and mixed by Pat Torres and Notes For Notes – Brooklyn

Paul at Madison Square Garden 2017

Hi Notes For Notes Family,

We had an amazing week at Notes For Notes Brooklyn.

Once again the Garden Of Dreams Foundation invited our teen member, Paul Manning, to perform at Madison Square Garden for the Rangers Vs Stars NHL game!

This time Paul was asked to play not one but two songs of his choice during the period breaks of the game. Paul chose Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” and Pantera’s “Walk”.

As we arrived at MSG we were greeted by the wonderful folks from the Garden Of Dreams Foundation and Paul was given an official Mats Zuccarello, New York Rangers jersey!

Paul was reintroduced to MSG’s famous organist Mr. Ray Castoldi and given the details on the performance. Two songs with a solo in each song! Mr. Castoldi was incredibly welcoming and an absolute master of his instrument. He has been the organist at MSG since 1989 and is also the organist for the New York Mets…so basically, he’s music royalty in our eyes.

After some rehearsal and some great food provided by MSG, Paul was ready to rock! And rock he did!

Check out the video below of the performances and a behind the scenes look at our day:

On the way out, Paul couldn’t walk 5 steps without someone coming up and asking for a hug, a handshake or a photo. Paul was beaming with excitement, confidence and positive energy all day.

Once again Paul Manning, Notes For Notes and the Murphy Boys and Girls Club would love to sincerely thank the team at Madison Square Garden and The Garden of Dreams Foundation for the fantastic opportunity and all that you do for the youth of NYC.










Movement In Music pt. II – Teens Edition

Hi Friends,

Last week we had our second edition of “Movement In Music”. This time the photography collaboration was with our teen club members.

You may remember seeing our first collaboration in November with our junior members (…hy-collaboration)

Once again we were experimenting with capturing the movement in music by using “light painting” and a technique called “long exposure photography”. Our teens jump straight in and began the experimentation process.

Our fantastic volunteer, Ms. Mimi, help create a great energy by selecting great music to feel inspiration to, while Ms. Combeau instructed the session and Mr. Patrick guided some ideas.

The results of the session are below:




A big thank you to Ms. Combeau, Ms. Mimi and our teens for their enthusiasm and great energy!

New City Kids Collaboration

Hi friends,

It’s been a full week of collaboration at Notes For Notes, Brooklyn.

On Wednesday we had a fantastic recording session with 6 teens from New City Kids (, an after school program from Jersey City.

The New City Kids, led by Ms. Anne Joseph (Musical Director), arrived at our Brooklyn Studio in the early afternoon and it’s safe to say, they were highly impressed by our music space and recording studio. This was the first time any of their teens had ever recorded, so the energy in the room was one of nervousness and excitement.

Once everyone settled in, the recording process began. Firstly, we recorded the rhythm section. After a few practice runs the guys focused on the click track and got “the” take.


Up next were the singers – and boy could they sing!! Ms Anne, the group’s mentor had the vocalists tuned to a tee and they sounded beautiful as a group. They sang their part separately first to experience and learn the process of overdubbing. Once they had their parts down, Mr Patrick got them to do one more take – but this time he wanted to hear them as a group. That’s when the track came to life!



The song they composed is titled “I’m Coming Alive” and is about the power of music. Something we at Notes for Notes relate to immensely.

Our Notes for Notes member, Richard engineered the session while Mr Patrick helped produce the recording.


A big thank you to Ms. Anne Joseph (Musical Director) and the New City Kids for a great day of recording. We hope to collaborate again in the near future.

Watch this space for the mixed version of their song – coming soon!


Arranging and Mixing Masterclass with Jason Goldstein

Hi friends! We’ve had a great week in the Brooklyn Studio. It’s been jam packed with fun practice, amazing improvised jams, super successful recording sessions and one huge highlight, Grammy winning mix engineer, Jason Goldstein’s Arranging and Mixing Masterclass!!

Jason has been a mixing powerhouse for over 20 years. Mixing some of the greatest albums of all time. His discography is extremely impressive and includes, Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Nas, David Bowie, Rihanna, J-Lo, LL Cool J and The Roots, to name just a few.

Check out his bio here:

Jason dropped by our Brooklyn Studio on Thursday and gave our teens a 3 hour masterclass on the fundamentals of arranging and mixing a pop record.

The class was extremely informative and filled with great anecdotes about his experience in working with the best. Jason dove head first into a track created by N4N member Richard titled I.D.E.K – which features some well known musicians (watch this space!). He explained to our members how to arrange and mix with pop sensibilities but also how to use your gut instinct and most importantly your ears. He passed on some of his engineering techniques and spoke with passion about music and production…something we could all relate to,


A massive THANK YOU to Jason for volunteering some of his time to engage with our youth and share his wealth of knowledge. We all look forward to the next masterclass.


Puerto Rican Benefit Concert

Hi Notes For Notes fam!
We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving these past few days and spent some quality time with family and friends.
For Thanksgiving this year, Notes for Notes and the Murphy Arts Department put on a benefit show for Puerto Rico. All the proceeds collected from the event went directly to the Boys and Girls Club in Puerto Rico – we hope the donation helps them through this time.
The event had both musical performances and dance. The crowd was treated to some fine musicianship from some of our Notes for Notes members with renditions of songs that had a message of hope.
One highlight of the concert was when Tori-Ann, a N4N member with both Puerto Rican and Jamaican heritage sang her version of “Stay With Me” – she changed some of the lyrics to be more on the theme of PR and staying strong. During the bridge, she broke it down with a speech about Puerto Rico, her grandmothers situation and how we as Boys and Girls Club members have to unite at this time and help each other out. It was an inspirational moment because of the direct connection and also highlights how empowered and confident Tori-Ann felt by the music she was singing and the message she was spreading.
A big thank you to everyone involved including Ms Rhonda (Arts Director), Ms Combeau (Photography), Ms Fofana (Art Instructor – PR Flag), Ms Alexus (Former N4N Alumni and our Benefit M.C.) and our new and amazing volunteers, Ms Anne and Ms Mimi – we couldn’t have done it without everyone chipping in and helping out. Thanks!
Check out the photos of the benefit below and a video of Tori-Ann’s performance and speech:

30 Rock Performance

Hi friends,

Last night Mekhi and I, Patrick, shared a really exciting NYC moment together. We were cordially invited by the Madison Boys and Girls Club to do a presentation for their annual Board Meeting. The setting; 30 Rockefeller Plaza, famously known as 30 Rock.

We made our way to Manhattan via the subway and took the opportunity to take some classic NYC photos.



Once we arrived at the location we started to buzz with excitement. The gold lined interior of the building, the lights reflecting off 30 Rock and the history of such a place was giving us energy to perform to the Board of Directors of the Madison Boys and Girls clubs in New York.

We were taken to the 42nd floor and treated like true professionals. We were then introduced to the board and *click* showtime!

We both spoke about Notes for Notes and how much we see it affect positive impact on the members and the community. We then performed our version of “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley and got a great response from the board members.





After our performance we were invited to dinner by Mr Antonio Fort from the Madison BGC.

A big THANK YOU to the team at Madison Boys and Girls Club for the fantastic opportunity, all their hard work and the great dinner.