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30 Rock Performance

Hi friends,

Last night Mekhi and I, Patrick, shared a really exciting NYC moment together. We were cordially invited by the Madison Boys and Girls Club to do a presentation for their annual Board Meeting. The setting; 30 Rockefeller Plaza, famously known as 30 Rock.

We made our way to Manhattan via the subway and took the opportunity to take some classic NYC photos.



Once we arrived at the location we started to buzz with excitement. The gold lined interior of the building, the lights reflecting off 30 Rock and the history of such a place was giving us energy to perform to the Board of Directors of the Madison Boys and Girls clubs in New York.

We were taken to the 42nd floor and treated like true professionals. We were then introduced to the board and *click* showtime!

We both spoke about Notes for Notes and how much we see it affect positive impact on the members and the community. We then performed our version of “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley and got a great response from the board members.





After our performance we were invited to dinner by Mr Antonio Fort from the Madison BGC.

A big THANK YOU to the team at Madison Boys and Girls Club for the fantastic opportunity, all their hard work and the great dinner.


Meet Miguel

Hi my name is Miguel Martinez i am 14 years old and I am from Brooklyn, NYC. I go to Star Early College and I’ve been playing guitar since I was 6. I’ve been coming to the club since 1st grade and when I heard about Notes For Notes I figured I could get a lot better at my instrument.

The first song I learned was Lift Every Voice by James Weldon Johnson, after that I became excited about guitar and thought I could be great.

The latest song i’ve learnt is from the Moana soundtrack titled How Far I’ll Go. I learned it in two weeks and as a reward for my hard work Mr.Patrick gave me a Notes For Notes t-shirt and a recording session which I really liked because I know that the world will hear me play.

Below is my first Soundcloud upload on the Notes For Notes page:

Movement In Music – Photography Collaboration

Hi friends,

Last week Notes for Notes Brooklyn and the Murphy Clubhouse Photography Club collaborated to create a Movement in Music photo program.

Our Notes for Notes members, who also take a photography class, showed up with their cameras. Ms Combeau (Digital Arts Specialist) and Mr Patrick (N4N Senior PD) set the room up and instructed the youth on how to capture the music bouncing around in the studio.

After a few trial and errors they began to understand the concept of light painting. Each photographer/musician began to experiment and the results are incredible!!

Below are some of the best photos of the day.

A big thank you to Ms Combeau for all her hard work and great mind.

DSC01667-5  DSC03398-3




DSC03408-5 DSC03412-6


DSC03445-9 DSC03447-10


Guns N’ Roses

Hi team,

This week has been full of stand-out moments – one in particular was receiving 4 free tickets to see Guns N’ Roses at Madison Square Garden!!!
The concert was on Monday night so we assembled a mini rock squad consisting of Paul, Marquise and Deen, to venture to the arena to experience the show.

When we arrived we collected our tickets and realized our tickets said Row 1, Seat 1….What!??
We walked up to our level and low and behold…box seats!! An experience only New York’s elite get to experience on occasion. Our members almost screamed…haha!


So here we are, ready to rock in the most comfortable way possible. The lights dim and the show begins with a roaring crowd and fireworks to boot! Axl Rose rocked out the whole time, screaming in his famous high pitched tone and Slash in his classic attire could not stop shredding his guitar like a man possessed.


Our members where in complete awe at the brute power of Rock n Roll. Completely losing themselves in the music and performance.



Another huge thank you to the Garden Of Dreams Foundation for the free tickets. Rock n Roll lives in the hearts of our members.


Katy Perry Concert

Hi friends!

Thanks to the Garden Of Dreams Foundation, five of our Notes For Notes members were invited to check out the incredible Katy Perry concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


I have to say, we are all still buzzing from the show! It was a sensory overload in the best possible way. What made it even more special is that this was the first concert most of our members had ever been to…and one they’ll never forget!



As we caught the train to the show we thought about what she might play and whether it was going to be a good performance….fast forward to us on the train home; singing her lyrics, huge smiles, long rants about their favorite part of the concert, hundreds of questions on “how does it all happen?” and the biggest question, “what if that was me and what would my concert look like??”

It’s safe to say our members are all Katy Perry super fans now.

A huge THANK YOU to the Garden of Dreams Foundation and the Madison Boys and Girls Club for the free tickets, you really made a huge difference in these member’s lives.

Meet Kenroy aka: The Brody

Hello my name is Kenroy “The Brody” and I live in Brooklyn, New York.

I attend the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club and I go to a Brooklyn Preparatory School. I’ve been going to the club since I was 6 years old and life has never been better. I was introduced to the Notes 4 Notes program in 2014 and I met Mr. Patrick in 2015 and he is one of the best people I ever knew and without him I would not be working really hard to achieve the things I do today and with the support from My Parents, Mr. King the Club Director and lots of other people.


I have been working on Studio One for at least 6 months and it’s great! I’m also a drummer and I have been playing since I was literally a 1 year old, maybe even before but I have seen videos from when I was 1 year old and beyond. I am 12 years old and between school, the club (N4N) and home, life is great. I have awesome teachers an awesome family here at the club and at home.


This is who I am and whenever you hear someone say Brody you can think of me!

“I didn’t know I sounded this good!” – The Brody


Below is Kenroy’s (The Brody) Soundcloud page packed with hits he’s created on Studio One over the last year:

Annnnnnd we’re back!

Hi friends!

We are pleased to announce that our Notes For Notes After School Program is back up and running!

After a 3 week hiatus the youth were chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of things. The studio is full of fresh new (talented) faces and some long standing members too. The first official week back we recorded raps, practiced drums, practiced piano skills, learned how to beat juggle on the turntables, jammed and even got a brand new cover song together (watch this space)!

We can’t wait to showcase all our talents and the youth are already asking to perform at our shows.

Check out Nasir below doing his happy dance after hearing his rap come to life!

Rockin Summer Wrap Up

Hi folks,

Summertime and the living is definitely easy!

Throughout our program this summer we have achieved so much and are completely thrilled with how exciting every day has been.

Big shou-out to all the staff members who have worked tirelessly to give the youth valuable support and a fantastic summer experience, you guys are the real heroes AND a massive thank you to all the youth that were a part of the program this year. You all continuously shine bright in our hearts.

The Murphy Boys and Girls Club staff 2017:


At Notes For Notes we created podcasts, wrote new tracks, had some ciphers, went on a trip to the Empire State Building to meet Romeo Santos,



IMG_0054IMG_0055IMG_0056IMG_0060IMG_0066IMG_0114IMG_0116IMG_0173IMG_0197IMG_0201IMG_0204IMG_0206IMG_0207IMG_0231Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.03.35 PMIMG_0185IMG_0336


It’s safe to say we have seriously enjoyed the spirit of summer and music.

One last summer jam – below, Jordan and Pat perform an original song titled “Sisters”:

Live Recorded RnB Medley

Hi team! 

As we mentioned last week, our teens have been in recording mode throughout the Summer Program.

Each week we get together and flesh out some ideas to record. Sometimes we overdub and other times we record live – meaning that all the musicians and singers perform the song in one take, live and we hit record. This is a great way to capture the energy in the room and also hear (and see) what we actually sound and look like. It’s a great tool for self evaluation as we can watch the performance from the perspective of an audience member.

Below is a medley arranged by Quincy and Mekhi and features Jahsent on string-synth and myself (Patrick) on drums, the recording was engineered by teen member, Richard:

Summer Recording Sessions

Hi Notes For Notes fam!

This week the teens have been hard at work tracking parts for their latest compositions. Drums, keys, bass, guitar and percussion have all been recorded throughout the summer. The teens acquire several industry skills through the recording process – from musician to engineer to producer – learning that each role is as important as the next.

Check out Marquise laying down some guide vocals live as Jahsent and Patrick record the foundation for their latest hit, “Tonight“: