November 27, 2017 Pat_N4N

Puerto Rican Benefit Concert

Hi Notes For Notes fam!
We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving these past few days and spent some quality time with family and friends.
For Thanksgiving this year, Notes for Notes and the Murphy Arts Department put on a benefit show for Puerto Rico. All the proceeds collected from the event went directly to the Boys and Girls Club in Puerto Rico – we hope the donation helps them through this time.
The event had both musical performances and dance. The crowd was treated to some fine musicianship from some of our Notes for Notes members with renditions of songs that had a message of hope.
One highlight of the concert was when Tori-Ann, a N4N member with both Puerto Rican and Jamaican heritage sang her version of “Stay With Me” – she changed some of the lyrics to be more on the theme of PR and staying strong. During the bridge, she broke it down with a speech about Puerto Rico, her grandmothers situation and how we as Boys and Girls Club members have to unite at this time and help each other out. It was an inspirational moment because of the direct connection and also highlights how empowered and confident Tori-Ann felt by the music she was singing and the message she was spreading.
A big thank you to everyone involved including Ms Rhonda (Arts Director), Ms Combeau (Photography), Ms Fofana (Art Instructor – PR Flag), Ms Alexus (Former N4N Alumni and our Benefit M.C.) and our new and amazing volunteers, Ms Anne and Ms Mimi – we couldn’t have done it without everyone chipping in and helping out. Thanks!
Check out the photos of the benefit below and a video of Tori-Ann’s performance and speech: