November 6, 2017 Dustin_N4N

NFN Detroit Artist Highlight

DSLate Checking In.

Hello to all!

Today I wanted to highlight one of the Notes For Notes youth.

IMG_2492“8phy Boy Dre” is an aspiring songwriter and rapper from Highland Park, Michigan.  He’s so determined that he takes 3 buses to get to the Eastside of Detroit where the Notes For Notes studio is.  He loves to write with other kids who attend Notes For Notes and he loves to consistently learn about his craft.

IMG_4363Detroit is not an easy city to live in because of the consistent crime that happens daily, but Dre manages to rise above his environment, remain in school and still grind it out in the studio as he constantly continues to come to Notes for Notes and be an asset in the studio environment.


We are very privileged to have Dre to be apart of Notes For Notes here in Detroit.  Be on the lookout for the Notes For Notes compilation album.  Dre will be the featured artist from Detroit!

Signing Off