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Program Director Cathy Cortez Receives Endorsement From Kampfer Guitars!

This week, Notes for Notes Los Angeles’ Program Director Cathy Cortez announced she received a guitar endorsement from Kampfer Guitars, a Japanese guitar manufacturing company! Cathy will be performing at NAMM 2010 showcasing Kampfer Guitars and holding pedal demonstrations for Aroma Music Co. Notes for Notes is very proud of her accomplishments and we are proud to have her on our team!

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Katie T. Shares Her Tips and Advice On How To Land A K-Pop Audition!

At Notes for Notes Los Angeles, we like to encourage our youths to raise their voices and share their personal insights on what it means to be a professional artist today’s music industry. Regardless of their musical preference, Notes for Notes Los Angeles is always happy and excited to help any youth who wishes to pursue music and who wants to help others achieve their music goals. 

Katie T., one of Notes for Notes Los Angeles star members, sought to raise her voice in our community by creating a 5-minute video tutorial that teaches youths how to effectively prepare and present oneself for a K-Pop performance audition! 

In her video tutorial, Katie mentions how character traits such as being confident and welcoming are key for landing a K-Pop audition. She also mentions how practice, practice, and more practice leads to being prepared, which is very important for any kind of audition. As a youth who has gone through the audition process, Katie shares her insights, tips, and tricks to help others land their K-Pop audition. 

Notes for Notes Welcomes Spring 2018!

Notes for Notes Los Angeles is excited to begin its Spring 2018 programming! New and returning youth will have the opportunity to participate in fun and engaging activities like Songwriting, Artist Development, 30-minute Private Instruction, Open Jam Sessions, and more!

Notes for Notes Los Angles will resume programming January 8, 2017.Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 2.58.52 AM

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Happy New Years from Notes for Notes

2017 has been an amazing year for Notes for Notes of Los Angeles! We’ve had some amazing memories!!


Notes for Notes Los Angeles would like to acknowledge and thank the following people and organizations who’ve helped make 2017 an amazing year for us: Alex Kies, Cathy Cortez, Greg Silva, Jesse Amezquita, Yesenia Diaz, Frank Reyes, the staff from the Boys and Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley, the Boys and Girls Club of America, The Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce, Jazz Hands for Autism, GOH, Melody Sheppard, Taylor Morse, Harvey Mason Jr., Mike Guerrero the Tapping Ninja, Shayan Amiri, and all the other individuals and groups that took the time to collaborate with Notes for Notes of Los Angeles.

We wish everyone an amazing 2018!! Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays from Notes for Notes!

Notes for Notes of Los Angeles would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday experience over the winter break! The staff is very pleased to be able to celebrate another year with our members and we look forward to another great and exciting year making amazing music with talented youth!

Notes for Notes Celebrates Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at BGCWSGV

On Friday, December 8, 2017, Notes for Notes of Los Angeles had the honor of participating in the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Boys and Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley!



The Tree Lighting Ceremony was held in Teen Center section of the club. There were four performing acts, including 1 group little youth Christmas carolers, 2 dance duets, and 1 group of teen carolers. It was really nice to have the entire club come together to celebrate the start of the holidays!


Notes for Notes of Los Angeles had a great time partnering up with the Boys and Girls Club for the Tree Lighting Ceremony! We wish everyone happy holidays and we look forward to next year’s tree lighting ceremony!


Notes for Notes Los Angeles Welcomes Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero For Exclusive Guitar Clinic!

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Notes for Notes of Los Angeles had the honor of welcoming Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero, into the studio for an exclusive guitar clinic! 

Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero is a Peruvian-American guitarist from Montebello, California. He has collaborated and toured with notable metal bands like Hirax, DeathRiders, and Taipan and has received endorsements from companies like Dean Guitars and Eart Music. Guerrero is currently endorsed by Aroma Music Company and Kampfer Guitars and is expected to tour with Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper in 2018. 

Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero hosted a one-hour workshop that focused on Aroma guitar pedals and solo techniques. He presented five different pedals and gave a demonstration of each pedal to educate our youths about the different types of power, effects, and tone quality of each pedal. Guerrero also demonstrated many guitar playing techniques to show our youths how musical ideas are created and produced. Guerrero performed two original compositions, two solos, and one collaborative song with guest guitarist Kathi Lily, who is apprenticing under Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero. 

For Notes for Notes of Los Angeles, it was an honor to have a musician of Guerrero’s status to come into our studio and host a free one-hour clinic. Our youths felt so inspired and motivated to pursue guitar after participating in the clinic. The staff of Notes for Notes Los Angeles would like to give special thanks to Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero, Aroma Music Company, and Kampfer Guitars for collaborating with Notes for Notes. Notes for Notes of Los Angeles looks forward to hosting more Tapping Ninja clinics in the near future! 

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Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerreo To Visit Notes for Notes!

Notes for Notes of Los Angeles is honored to announce the welcoming of professional guitarist, Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero, on Wednesday, December 6, 2017! He will be hosting a one-hour exclusive guitar clinic for our members!

Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero, is a renown Peruvian-American guitarist who specializes in tapping. He has studied with some of the most talented, well-known successful guitarists in the industry, like Jennifer Batten (guitarist for Michael Jackson) and Craig Goldy (guitarist for DIO). Guerrero has toured in Asia, Central America, and South America, and will soon tour with the famous heavy metal band, Grim Reaper in 2018.

The staff at Notes for Notes is very excited to welcome Mike “Tapping Ninja” Guerrero into the studio for such an exclusive guitar clinic! We are very thankful for this opportunity and we look forward to an amazing clinic!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Notes for Notes

Notes for Notes of Los Angeles would like to wish all our friends, family, and members a wonderful Thanksgiving! It has been a fantastic fall at Notes for Notes and the staff is thankful for being able to serve and mentor amazing youths through music and positivity. We look forward to continuing our great work and we hope that everyone enjoys a safe Thanksgiving with friends, family, and loved ones.

Madison M. Performs for Long Beach’s Veteran’s Day Appreciation Potluck!

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, Notes for Notes of Los Angeles had the honor of performing for Long Beach’s Veteran’s Appreciation Day Potluck!

The free event was held at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Long Beach, CA. and organized by the following non-profit organizations: RaiderNation, the Chinese American Citizen Alliance Youth Council, and the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce. Notes for Notes of Los Angeles was invited to by the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce to provide youth performers for the event!

Vocalist Madison M., 13, performed Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me”, and shared her feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the veterans who fought for our country.


Madison also sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful” with the young, mezzo-soprano, Karen Shi, who was a guest performer for the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce!

After the live performances, everyone had a chance to meet and talk with the veterans. It was a humbling experience for us since we got to learn more about the veterans who fought hard to protect our country. Our Program Director, Cathy Cortez had the chance to meet some of the veterans and had a delightful encounter with one of Metal’s all-time lead singers, Katon De La Pena from HIRAX, who was also there to show support and appreciation for the veterans.

Notes for Notes of Los Angeles had a memorable experience at Long Beach’s Veteran’s Appreciation Day.  We’d like to give special thanks to Dora Leung, Winston Wu, and Janet Yu, for giving Notes for Notes of Los Angeles the opportunity to participate in RaiderNation’s Veteran’s Appreciation Day! We look forward to many more events and collaborations in the near future!