November 17, 2017 Ryan_v_N4N

Dancing and Jamming at MVG

It’s been a busy week here at MVG. There are many new songs in the works, and even more artists are starting to write and perform original music! Daniel, our new guitar player, is already taking on multiple projects, including composing his own instrumental piece. Daniel is also trying to start a band along with help from his friend Marvin, the drummer. All they need is a vocalist to take their ideas to the next level. Stay tuned!


One of our dance crew leaders, Joanna, has been working hard this week to whip the girls into shape in order to be prepared to shoot the music video after the holiday. These girls have been putting in some serious work over the past few weeks, and now the group of 6 girls has turned into around 8 or 9. The best part about this crew is that they welcome anyone who is interested in learning the dance, and they slowly teach each other the moves until they get it exactly right. Everyone is anxiously awaiting and preparing for the video shoot. Can’t wait until the final product!