November 3, 2017 Ryan_v_N4N

Discovering Your Talent

Belkis (right) has been busy lately studying dances in different music videos, while Miah (left) enjoys the Ariana Grande song that’s playing. Belkis is helping lead a girls group of dancers who are all in love with the song “Teamwork” by Mackenzie Ziegler. Their group of 6 has a whole routine they’ve been working on that’s part sampled from the video and part choreographed. Once they put the finishing moves on this routine then they might even film a music video…We’ll see what happens!

DSC_0016Alex (aka Tarzan) has been recently exploring the drums. The kick drum, snare, and hi hat basics are really coming together after just a week of practice. After venturing through the studio and experimenting with many different instruments, he landed on the drums. The sound of each part of the drum set never ceases to amaze him, since he’s always asking questions about how to play a certain beat that was demonstrated. His favorite part about the drums are the different types of sticks that we have, ranging from the plastic brushes to the wood brushes. Most of his friends and other younger members of the Notes 4 Notes team are now in competition with each other, seeing who can learn and perform the most drum beats flawlessly. Alex has inspired many great drummers here at MVG and there will surely be a lot more to come.