November 10, 2017 Ryan_v_N4N

Special Guest at MVG!



This week our MVG N4N studio got a visit from a very special musician by the name of Melody Sheppard. Melody is a singer-songwriter living and making music in Nashville, TN. She has made major moves in the music industry and is currently about to release a new song and music video for her next project called “TRY.” Most of the youth were able to come by and hang out with her for a while. Some sang karaoke with her, some played her songs that they have worked on in the studio, and a couple girls even gave her a little preview of the dance that they’ve been practicing.


After a long and entertaining introduction into the MVG studio, the kids all gathered around to hear some of Melody’s new music. The youth were so amazed by her vocals and her songwriting talent that they of course requested her song to be played multiple times. Everyone was so enthusiastic and excited to see Melody that they kept her busy pretty much the entire time she was there Melody has inspired quite a few singers and songwriters here at MVG, and we are looking forward to hearing the next song that will emerge out of our N4N studio!