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Volunteers, We Appreciate You!!

Notes for Notes SF has been favored to have such great people commit their spare time during week to work with our youth. Our volunteers are extremely happy to help our young musicians grow. They are teachers, medical assistants, administrators, and graphic designers, who come by to give our members lessons on proper drum technique, classic piano music, how to play the strings on the violin, and guitar chords from our members favorite songs. Kuanie Julin, an amazing pianist who works in the medical field has been volunteering piano lessons with Notes for Notes for 2 years. “Volunteering adds to community and adds balance to life.”, says Kuanie. FullSizeRender 2 (1)

“Its nice to give a foundation and watch how the kids blossom musically.” She adds. Tim Tung, who is an Economics Professor at University of San Francisco, expressed how much music means to him. “Music keeps me sane. It has helped me through some rough patches in life. I want to pass on the passion to younger people.”, Tim says. Tim teaches violin and has been working with 9 year old ReNae Williams on Disney songs. “I want them to love and appreciate music. I am thankful Notes for Notes exposes our kids to music”. We too are thankful for the ability to contribute to the creative well-being of our youth. We are also thankful for our volunteers and that their passions have guided them to contribute to their musical growth. Many, many thanks to Kuanie Julin, Tim Tung, Richard Geck, Julian Muller, Desiree Harris, and Yiann Chou. Our future musicians have learned and grown so much because of you.

An Amazing Night of Notes

The night couldn’t be any better at amazing rooftop concert with our youth this past Saturday. The night was chilly but, hot chocolate was flowing. The music had people amazed and moving under the evening’s stars. The weather didn’t keep us from jamming, and it didn’t keep our audience from showing their support.IMG_3485 So many thanks to those who made the evening possible. From our community partners and supporters, friends and family, to our very talented members, it all came together so wonderfully because of you. Notes for Notes San Francisco couA.C.K.K.ld not express enough, the appreciation we have for you all for making the Notes for Notes – Night of Notes an amazing night.

Night of Notes — Intimate Rooftop Concert

“Notes for Notes ­ Night of Notes” Intimate Rooftop Performance Showcase of Notes for Notes teen members, alumni, and volunteers.

Saturday, October 28, 2017
6:00pm – ­9:00pm
380 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102

The Rooftop Performance Showcase is a fundraising event that is free. Friends, family, and N4N partners and supporters are invited. It will be held on the roof at the Don Fisher Boys & Girls Club in San Francisco, who are our partners. There will be live music from our youth and volunteers to showcase their talent, and raise funds to sustain our program, and support the musical needs of our young members.


Another Moment Worth Capturing

Aspiring young guitar, piano, and drum players frequent our studio throughout the week. But, rarely do we see kids with an interest in playing the bass guitar. This week, we were opportune to see two young ladies who made bass guitar their first love. Rickshenay Smith, 17, and Tamiko Calloway, 17 came to Notes for Notes from Civic Center Secondary High School in San Francisco. During their first visit, some would have expected them to be aspiring singers, or rappers. However, when asked their musical interests, “The bass”, they stated strongly. With the small number of female professional bass players, and an even smaller number of African American female bass players in the industry, it was exciting to see such a rarity. Taught by their teacher Fernando Portugal, who is a multi-instrumentalist, it took some heavy convincing to get them to try something new. But, after a couple days of fiddling with the bass guitar, Rickshenay and Tamiko fell in love with what some describe as the backbone of music.

Know Who You Are


Affirmations are something we feel are an essential part of path to success.  Affirmations are positive, beautiful, and helps us to create our best lives. After hearing this special quote,

“You don’t become who you aspire to be. You become who you are” – Motivational Speaker, Les Brown

we felt the need to encourage our youth to know who they are. If they have the desire to be an artist or musician,  then they must know its already inside of them. But also, the work goes into becoming a really good artist or musician. A legend, as 8 year old Isaac Giddings likes to call it. “I am a Legend,” he affirmed in a conversation about all the great musicians, such as Michael Jackson and Prince, that have passed away. Isaac mentioned that there is one still alive, and he was referring to himself. Isaac aspires to be a trumpet player and has every intention to become a legend. To Notes for Notes, he already has the first step down.

Notes 4 Notes Excelsior: Teen Social Night 9/29

On September 29th, we invite you to showcase some of our  talented artists in collaboration with all the departments at our youth center; The teen center, middle school, art and performance departments all coming together with the help of our wonderful event planning interns to create an experience for various artistic expressions.

Teens Social Night is a formal affair with food ,drinks, live performances and a  photo booth. The event is set to start at 6pm at 163 London street, San Francisco.  

GOALS: To provide an opportunity for Club members to showcase what they have learned through, live performance and event coordination to recruit more teens into our program.

WHY: Through the lens of live performance, teens will be able to:

  • Engage in programming and events that build self-esteem
  • Have a medium to express thoughts, passions and ideas
  • Build skills in literacy, musical collaboration, performance and rhyme creation
  • Receive coaching from renowned and respected artists

WHO: Boys & Girls Club teen members

WHAT: Notes for Notes™ (N4N™) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that designs, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs offering youth the opportunity to explore, create, and record music for FREE. N4N Studios are packed with professional instruments – guitars, basses, drums, keyboards/synths – and equipment – DJ gear, digital music workstations – and full recording facilities. Beyond providing access to equipment and resources, we educate youth about careers both on the stage and behind the scenes.


CONTACT: Bisi Obateru

Program Director, Notes for Notes, Excelsior

The Glosomes Agreement

Four young ladies came together this week to form a rap group called “The Glosomes”. Dakota Harrell, Lavelle Martinez, Kamara Jackson, and Erica Carter are all friends, but with their own style, swag, and identity that contributes to their group name.  With the goal of reaching their highest potential as a group, each of them understands the importance to remain on the same page. So, they came up with The Glosomes Agreement.  The Glosomes Agreement is the code for one another to follow. It goes as follows;

The Glosomes Agreement

  1. No Messiness or Gossip

  2. If there’s a problem, talk it out as a group.

  3. Respect each other.

  4. Do not worry about what goes on outside of the group.

  5. Be honest to each other, but be kind about it.

  6. No talking about boys while working.

When these agreements were shared with us here at Notes for Notes, we were a little surprised that this would be coming from elementary aged young ladies such as The Glosomes. But, this agreement has set the standard for all young men and women looking to work together. Many talents mixed with different personalities can lead to greatness, but egos and drama can cause disfunction. Therefore, we are extremely elated these young ladies at such a young age, decided collectively to move as a unite and not let anyone or anything come in between their goals.

Connecting with the Community – 20th Street Block Party

It is important that we here at Notes for Notes San Francisco connect with the community. Connection helps us spread the word and reach out to those who could make great use of our program. This year’s 20 Street Block Party gave us the opportunity to interact the community, share our mission, and give a taste of what goes on in our studio. We brought out some equipment to make jams with the community and it attracted so many amazing supporters, that they felt the need to spread the word, or wIMG_3133ant to offer time to get  involved.   So, not only was the invite to the Block Party a moment to connect with the residents of San Francisco, but this was also way to give back to them. Therefore, we give thanks to our community for helping our program sustain and bringing us volunteers and partners that allow us to make the impact we strive for. We also like to give a shout out to Noise Pop and thank them for making the connection possible.

A Visit from Lighthouse for the Blind

An absolute joy was the experience this past week while working with our partners from Lighthouse for the Blind. Lighthouse for the Blind provides education and training for the visually impaired. We had the pleasure of working with them this year as they ended their summer music academy. The academy, founded by Bill McCann, is for visually impaired musicians between the of ages 16 – 24. It introduces them to innovative ways of writing music, reading the works of others, anFile_001 (1)d it develops the tools necessary to win gainful employment in the music industry. We were happy to share our studio with them, as they explored, and recorded some of their very own music.  Maycie Vorreiter, a music camp member, tracked an original piece about her hometown of Windsor, CA, for her very first studio recording. Also, to witness the effortless rendition of classical and inspirational pieces, and live composition, was pure satisfaction. Therefore, we would like to thank Lighthouse for the Blind for stopping by and creating such an unforgettable experience for Notes for Notes San Francisco.


Check out Maycie Vorreiter’s “Windsor (My Hometown” below!