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Braedon Walks Us Through the Experience of Writing His First Song

As a musician, writing your first song can be intimidating. Melodies, concepts, lyrics and song titles may not come automatically. Even after putting much effort in the process of songwriting, we run the risk of others not liking our song as much as we hoped. Notes for Notes teaches producing and songwriting. Many of our students are first-timers and the overall goal is not to push them to become hit songwriters, but to enjoy the experience.  So, we sat down with 11 year old Braedon Wilcox, to get to know him and hear how the writing experience of his first song “Adrenaline” went.

Our chat with Braedon, 11

N4N: Have you ever written a song before?

Braedon: I sing and act with A.C.T Theatre and in school plays, and dance with San Francisco Ballet. But, I have not written a song prior to music production class.

N4N: What was the inspiration behind your first song?

Braedon: I haven’t auditioned for much yet, but I wanted to write about how it may feel, so others know that we all feel the same way.

N4N: How did you feel about the process of songwriting?

Braedon: I found it challenging to come with base words related to adrenaline and rhyming words that also related to those words. But, other than that, it was pretty easy…and fun.

N4N: Can you walk us through what you did when writing your first song “Adrenaline”?

Braedon: I thought of some words based on what happens when adrenaline occurs, when you’re nervous, or what you feel when you have butterflies and I put them together.

N4N: Do you see writing more songs in the future?

Braedon: Yea!! It was fun. It was fun to sing it too. I love to sing and writing songs could really help me out.

N4N: So, what are your aspirations?

Braedon: I want to sing, dance, and act. To become a triple threat. I like singing the most though.

N4N: Who are some of your favorite songwriters or artists?

Braedon: Nate Ross. He used to be part of this band in the early 2000’s called F.U.N.. Now he’s just Nate Ross, the band is no longer together. I like his music, his style because its not Pop, and its not Rock, its in between…and I like that.

N4N: What would you advise someone who’s writing their first song?

Braedon: I would advise to base it off what you know well, and what you know a lot about. That’s how I wrote “Adrenaline”, because I knew a thing or two about it. Also, just do what you think sounds right, it doesn’t matter what others think about what you’re writing. Just be proud of what you have.

Check out Braedon’s “Adrenline” below!!

Adrenaline – Braedon, 11