November 17, 2017 tjn4n

Volunteers, We Appreciate You!!

Notes for Notes SF has been favored to have such great people commit their spare time during week to work with our youth. Our volunteers are extremely happy to help our young musicians grow. They are teachers, medical assistants, administrators, and graphic designers, who come by to give our members lessons on proper drum technique, classic piano music, how to play the strings on the violin, and guitar chords from our members favorite songs. Kuanie Julin, an amazing pianist who works in the medical field has been volunteering piano lessons with Notes for Notes for 2 years. “Volunteering adds to community and adds balance to life.”, says Kuanie. FullSizeRender 2 (1)

“Its nice to give a foundation and watch how the kids blossom musically.” She adds. Tim Tung, who is an Economics Professor at University of San Francisco, expressed how much music means to him. “Music keeps me sane. It has helped me through some rough patches in life. I want to pass on the passion to younger people.”, Tim says. Tim teaches violin and has been working with 9 year old ReNae Williams on Disney songs. “I want them to love and appreciate music. I am thankful Notes for Notes exposes our kids to music”. We too are thankful for the ability to contribute to the creative well-being of our youth. We are also thankful for our volunteers and that their passions have guided them to contribute to their musical growth. Many, many thanks to Kuanie Julin, Tim Tung, Richard Geck, Julian Muller, Desiree Harris, and Yiann Chou. Our future musicians have learned and grown so much because of you.