Freestyle and Record!

IMG_9897The past few weeks our group of teens have been going through a workshop with our crazy talented volunteer, Chaye Tione. Chaye has been coming through two days a week to work with the teens and teach them not only the fundamentals of hip hop but also the fundamentals of how to be an upstanding person. Every Tuesday and Thursday of this past month, Chaye has shown up with notebooks for the teens so that each of them has a place to write down their lyrics or something that inspires them. He also shows up with a fierce drive to help them develop as people and artists. IMG_9896Ever since Chaye has started this workshop multiple teens have had a sudden keen interest in recording. 16 year old Matthew has recorded THREE TRACKS in the last week alone!!! 15 year old Maria spent a whole day trying to freestyle to a beat, came back two days later with two pages written ready to record. I have been working with these members since August, and if I would have asked them back then to show up with lyrics on a sheet of paper it just wouldn’t happen. Now they are coming in every day asking to record. I am so stoked to have Chaye coming in and inspiring these kids so much!