August 18, 2017 Eldon_N4N

International Music Lovers Unite!

Towards the end of summer programming in Saint Paul, a large population of our members got the chance to explore the beautiful sounds of nature through the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities’ Camp Voyageur. Voyageur is a year round environmental education center that is owned and operated by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities, providing BGC members the opportunity to experience activities in nature like insect study, canoeing, outdoor survival, paddle-boarding, archery, and more!

Although the St. Paul Notes for Notes™ Studio did miss a large selection of daily members during these weeks, we also got the chance to connect and explore music from an international perspective. The studio was graced with 5 international volunteers who traveled all the way from Germany to be a part of the Camp Voyageur experience. During the time they weren’t surrounded by wilderness, they spent their afternoons hanging out with Notes for Notes members singing karaoke, showing off technical metal guitar solo skills, and teaching a few of our members how to drum like madmen.

"Owl" and "Hoops" serenading the studio with a duet performance.

“Owl” and “Hoops” serenading the studio with a duet performance.

The best part about having international students in the St. Paul studio was their ability to connect with our members and show them that music is a passion that transcends language; an art form that can be practiced and enjoyed wherever life may take you. Although some of our members got some laughs out of our guests’ accents when performing American pop songs, they were definitely taken aback when they heard what a couple of the campers were able to collaborate and jam on with electric guitar and drums. I’m willing to bet that the majority of our St. Paul members had never heard metal music before. After seeing their awestruck faces watching a volunteer whose name I cannot pronounce shred on the studio’s Les Paul, I knew that they had just been introduced to a whole new world of music.

And that’s what music is all about: making new connections and discovering new ideas through a shared passion for listening and creating sounds based on your perception of the world around you.

I can’t wait for more opportunities to introduce our members to ideas and genres they have never experienced before.