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Welcome to our studio!

Notes For Notes Ventura wants to give our very own tour via blog! Our studio is packed with top-notch equipment and we want to put it to use as much as possible. If you know anyone who would love a program such as ours please contact our Ventura Program Director Fern at


Jam Room:

Our Jam Room has been the home of many private lessons, jam sessions and first time experiences. Many have picked up an instrument for the first time in this room. The room can be used for one-on-one lessons our we could have it filled with members on every instrument jamming out.

Below is an example of our jam room being used.


Mixing Room:

IMG_3060 ramon record

Our mixing room is where our members get to edit / hear their very own recordings! This is an exciting place for the anxious artist to hear what they just recorded.


Vocal Booth:

ariel guitar IMG_0309

Our Vocal Booth is the most nerve-wrecking of them all! This is the game-time room. For many, this is their first experience recording which causes hesitation. After a couple tries, the artist usually goes for it all!


We hope you enjoyed our picture tour and please contact if you would like to visit!


Members want to send a hopeful message

N4N welcomes back our members from their Winter break! Many of our members had the whole month of December off due to the devastating fires blazing before their break.

Our community has not only experienced a devastating fire, but now flash floods are making their way throughout the county. This has been a life experience for our young members and they felt the urge to do something for those effected by the disasters. We are currently working on an original song dedicated to the community. As of this moment, we have a guitar track recorded as well as a track on the cajon. We’re building the song daily and keeping it original with members recording every track without the usage of any adult.

The songwriting process is next and it will be a heavy one. The process will include talking about life and how precious it can be as well as overcoming obstacles that may seem to big to overcome. Believe it or not, our members have had to overcome hurdles in their own lives even being as young as they are. These are great moments to talk about progress and moving forward in life.

We are excited to work on a project such as this, and our hearts are with all of our community. N4N Ventura is with our county.


Elizeth 1      Elizeth is our guitar player for this track. She is such a talented young person who can learn quick as well as playing rhythmically stable enough to record her own guitar tack. She is learning bass, but likes to pick up the guitar once every other day.


Cesar    Cesar is our cajon player on the track. He is awesome! Currently learning drums, he has a self-motivating work ethic that has grown his musical creativity. This song is on the softer side of genres, but Cesar was still able to lay down a groovy drum track on the cajon.

Thomas Fire

This has not been the way we all hoped to end our 2017. For some this was a great year and to others it had not, but for all, this is not how we wanted it to end. The Thomas Fire first made it’s way into our Ventura Community on December 04, 2017 and exploded. The fire began to burn and make it’s way towards the city. The whole nation watched as houses in Foothill burned to the ground.

What can you say to a family who lost everything? One this is certain, Ventura is a strong community and has done an AMAZING job at keeping the city safe as possible. The fires caused mandatory evacuations and left thousands in a evacuation shelter. Some lost it all and others were fortunate to miss the blaze.

Our firefighters worked 12+ hour shifts to keep our family’s safe and they deserve a compassionate thank you from anyone in the community. We lost one local firefighter from Camarillo and wish the best for the family.

As the month continues so has this fire. It’s made its way North towards Santa Barbara burning cities such as Carpenteria and Ojai on its way. Our hearts go out to those who have had to turn their lives around due to this tragic event.

If you feel the need to donate or volunteer your service please click below:


Watch These Young Creative Minds Free-Style!

What a pleasure it is to experience young minds explore their creativity. This is a captured moment of 3 N4N members challenging their freestyle capabilities for the first time! N4N Ventura is grooving!


Check it out:

Pulse Trip: Native Americans!

What a partnership Pulse Drumming has become to Notes For Notes. We cannot be any more excited about this great organization extending their arms and bringing us in their home. Within the past couple months, N4N has been able to part-take in the Passport Program inside the Pulse Drumming studio on Main Street and it has been nothing but absolute fun! pulse-drumming-logo

This last trip we made was exploring the instruments of the Native Americans. The local tribe to us would be the tribe of the Chumash. We learned that they would use gourds as shakers as well as using bamboo as slap sticks! IMG_0985

We had one member with us on the trip by the name of Alex who is part Native American and he really grasped the lesson. Alex has been to some of the local Native events and seen the instruments but never played them. Needless to say, but Alex had a personal experience he would never forget.

As the lesson went on, we couldn’t help but notice the big drum in the middle of the room. Finally the explanation came. The drum in the middle was described as the Pow Wow, and it’s use was to honor the Buffalo Migration. What the natives would do is dance around the Pow Wow, following the rhythm of the beat, and take on the persona of the buffalo themselves so it would bring them good luck in hunting the buffalo. We were able to play the Pow Wow and it was an awesome experience.IMG_0999

Our members look forward to any trip to Pulse Drumming and continue to practice hard here at our N4N studio. Thank you Kim at Pulse for providing an awesome partnership!


Stepping Out!

Meet Surraya! She is in 5th grade and just took up a new instrument, the Cello! Surraya is a quick learner and digests everything that she is taught. She know beginner piano and now learning the Cello. Her finesse and technique for the instrument is already progressing. Usually, you get a harsh screech or a dead thumping sound when you first start playing a stringed instrument, but Surraya is already playing whole notes that ring out beautifully.

She is getting lessons from her school, but is bring her 1/2 size Cello to N4N for further practice and even recording. This week we worked on some whole notes and even tried to record them! The only problem is that there is a slight maintenance issue witch causes a slight de-tune. Once this maintenance issue is fixed we will be able to record some awesome sounding tracks!


Keep it up Surraya!

Study Session!

We caught a great moment of Devin and Vianney studying their homework that they received from their piano lesson. This was an awesome moment to capture because at N4N we strive to work together. It’s moments like these that can build a new friendship or even create new ideas. They are both getting taught by Anne, a private instructor volunteering her time by teaching some of our members the piano. Devin is bright and learns fast while Vianney has grown immensely since her first lesson. Vianney has grown her memory and is now starting to read music. Devin is energetic and wanting to learn as much as possible as fast as he could.

We thank Anne for taking the time with both of these members because they are being impacted in such a positive way!

Meet Michael!

Meet Michael Spotta, our newest private volunteer instructor! Michael teaches guitar in our local juvenile halls and is now volunteering his time to teach our members. He is a very well spoken / taught musician who has a special skill working with youth.

He is teaching two of our members the fundamentals of the guitar as well as some of their favorite songs. It’s awesome to see him work through some of the beginning moments such as tempo / rhythmic problems. He is patient and the members are able to play confidently without feeling pressured. Michael is helping us a bunch here at N4N Ventura. Thank you Michael!

michael 2

Scariest Room Competition!

In the season of horror, the Boys & Girls Club hold a “Scariest Room Competition” and these guys are prepared! Not only did the members put in hard work decorating their “homework” room, but they made a short and simple song on how their room is HAUNTED *creepy ghost voice.

OBJECTIVE: The theme of the song was to pick a haunted character and rap about their presence in the room.

-Jovany picked “Bendy” who is the lead character in the video game “Bendy and the Ink Maschine”bendy

-Eduardo picked “Slender Man” who is supposed to be blind but has an incredible sense of smell slenderman

-Kevin picked “Pennywise” from the recent updated movie IT. pennywise


Here it is!

Watch Cesar Rock Out!

Here’s a short clip of our member Cesar rocking out on drums to “Mocking Bird” by Eminem. He wanted to play drums to the song so we had a quick lesson and off he was!

Thank you Sabrina (girl on the right) for being our awesome cam-girl!