November 27, 2017 Fern_N4N

Pulse Trip: Native Americans!

What a partnership Pulse Drumming has become to Notes For Notes. We cannot be any more excited about this great organization extending their arms and bringing us in their home. Within the past couple months, N4N has been able to part-take in the Passport Program inside the Pulse Drumming studio on Main Street and it has been nothing but absolute fun! pulse-drumming-logo

This last trip we made was exploring the instruments of the Native Americans. The local tribe to us would be the tribe of the Chumash. We learned that they would use gourds as shakers as well as using bamboo as slap sticks! IMG_0985

We had one member with us on the trip by the name of Alex who is part Native American and he really grasped the lesson. Alex has been to some of the local Native events and seen the instruments but never played them. Needless to say, but Alex had a personal experience he would never forget.

As the lesson went on, we couldn’t help but notice the big drum in the middle of the room. Finally the explanation came. The drum in the middle was described as the Pow Wow, and it’s use was to honor the Buffalo Migration. What the natives would do is dance around the Pow Wow, following the rhythm of the beat, and take on the persona of the buffalo themselves so it would bring them good luck in hunting the buffalo. We were able to play the Pow Wow and it was an awesome experience.IMG_0999

Our members look forward to any trip to Pulse Drumming and continue to practice hard here at our N4N studio. Thank you Kim at Pulse for providing an awesome partnership!