November 17, 2017 Fern_N4N

Stepping Out!

Meet Surraya! She is in 5th grade and just took up a new instrument, the Cello! Surraya is a quick learner and digests everything that she is taught. She know beginner piano and now learning the Cello. Her finesse and technique for the instrument is already progressing. Usually, you get a harsh screech or a dead thumping sound when you first start playing a stringed instrument, but Surraya is already playing whole notes that ring out beautifully.

She is getting lessons from her school, but is bring her 1/2 size Cello to N4N for further practice and even recording. This week we worked on some whole notes and even tried to record them! The only problem is that there is a slight maintenance issue witch causes a slight de-tune. Once this maintenance issue is fixed we will be able to record some awesome sounding tracks!


Keep it up Surraya!